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All eyes on ...

... David Meran.

Whats there to say about this gentle person. Well as so often the first real contact was made over facebook discussing a future project we could do together.

So we let our creative juices flow over a nice steak dinner and - OMG 3 bottles of wine and some homemade Zirbenschnaps haha.
What followed was a very nice evening with a person i can call my new found friend now. David is an amazing person a talented photographer and painter and i am very happy to have met him. I'm sure we will have some great times together and also great projects.

Also from upper Austria (like myself) we talked about world problems, art and our personal development over the last years. From discussing why we hate the word "Heterolike" to what we would do if we got kicked out of the "Cafè Prückel" because kissed in public as a gay couple.

i have the pleasure to introduce my selection of his works here now to you.
Starting with a short film.



Chef Mark

It was last Thursday when my Facebook-chat let me know with a "blupp blupp" that someone was trying to get in contact with me.
This someone was my friend from Berlin. He let me know that a company he is working for is starting an "Austria" trial.
They are sending so called "Food Boxes" out every week with recipes to try out at home.

Free food? THATS ME! #loveit

So today was the day, at 8 a.m. the delivery guy saw me in underwear and i got my first "FRESH BOX" from HELLO FRESH.
With no time really to think about it i opened the, pretty big, box and started putting everything to its place. The veggies and mild products into the fridge and the herbs in the cupboard.

I was preparing all day for a photo shoot i'm doing together with styling Melina Kutelas for ECLECTIC MAGAZINE so the only time to cook was tonight.

Inside the box you'll find several recipes and the ingredients to them.
I have to say that the packaging is really neat and shit but when i threw out the box and the wrappings i must say that the amount of paper and carton that is wasted with one box would totally influence me ordering these kind of boxes....

For those who know me you know that i NEVER EVER cook by recipe. ever.
Thats why i don't enjoy baking because you kinda have to stick to the instructions of making a cake... not so with cooking.
But this time i decided to follow the instructions closely and make "BEEF STAKE BURGER" wooohiiiiiiooooo yummmyyy!!!

So here we go!
(believe me cooking and taking pictures at the same time - megastruggle)

So i guess the first thing i wanted to do, because as said i NEVER cook in order or with any kind of structure, is to lay out all my ingredients infront of me.

 FIST make your potatoes! They take FOREVER to cook!
I chopped up everything else and threw it in the pan

While doing that and frying your Steak (I like it rare so i only fried it for like 2 min on each side) prepare the bun and the onion gravy.

Because i really like having side-dishes, i think it makes every meal a bit more interesting, i made one of my favorite "salads". I dont have a recipe for this but i chopped up red beetroots, added lemon juice (just two teaspoons) honey (oneteaspoon) sheep-cheese and pepper.

aaaaaaand here you go :) SO YUMMY! (really good in summer to!)

So my Potato wedges are ready and i prepared the burger.
I sprinkled some parmesan over the burger and wedges. Why? cause putting parmesan over something is never a bad idea :) 

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at food you can not eat of the screen ;)

to get the recipe simply click HERE



So today i was asked to hold a workshop at the YOUKI FILMFESTIVAL today in Wels.
Wels is where i spent most of my childhood and it was quite interesting coming back to this city and this festival which i visited while i went to "Hauptschule" here.

Hey guys this is just to show you what we did during our Workshop at the YOUKI FESTIVAL in Wels!
On this picture you see little Rhabarbi and me (we were the first to take the picture cause the others were to shy ;) ).

So guys meet Ana(13) and Ramona(13) from Wels.

Ramona loves to shop and likes sketching fashion in her free time.
Once she is done with school she wants to pursue being a nurse at a mental health facility in Linz.
Why? because this kind of work fascinates her and she can imagine having a lot of fun there.

This is Joan (15).
Creativity, fashion, film and music are the main interests of this young man from Thalheim.
He came to YOUKI FILMFESTIVAL to share and get inspired by the people working and organizing this event.

A 9 to 5 office job is not what he wants to do for living because he needs the exchange and the input from others and connecting with new people around the globe.

here you see Anna (with two "n"), this amazing talent wants to study photography and coming to YOUKI was on her Bucket list because she also is working on her documentation on Anorexia.

If she isn't taking photos and filming she likes Hip-Hop dance and enjoys making pencil sketches.



"Since the early 2000s, Yvonne Todd has emerged as an uncannily subtle exponent of what might be called The Aesthetics of Meanness, an artist who pursues social discomfort—ours included—as tenaciously as Ansel Adams pursued light on the flanks of Yosemite."       Justin Paton.
New Zealand photographer Yvonne Todd uses the generic language of commercial studio photography and quotes mainstream pop-culture, but she produces off-kilter images that express a personal mythology. She is best known for her images of female ‘characters’. These portraits are highly styled; using wigs, costumes, makeup and even false teeth. Todd women seem to suffer from some soap-operatic malaise, explicit or implicit, be they cosmeticians, cripples, modest Christians, anorexics, cult members, showgirls or tragic heiresses. Her work has a complex relation with feminism.

"My favourite author when I was twelve or thirteen, Virgina Andrews, wrote gothic tales of beautiful teenage girls involuntarily corrupted by perverse ancestral legacies. The artwork of the books added to this intrigue... like Hallmark sympathy cards, they possessed a combination of limp serenity and shrill unease." Yvonne Todd.
Todd launched a book of the same name that accompanied her exhibition at the City Gallery in Wellington. 
Published by Victoria University Press, with support from Creative New Zealand, it features contributions from Todd, Auckland University’s Misha Kavka (on Todd and daytime TV), art critic Megan Dunn (on Todd, Karen Carpenter and anorexia), curator Robert Leonard (on Todd and cults), Te Papa curator Claire Regnault (on Todd and costume)  and Anthony Byrt (on Todd’s project reprinting her cousin Gilbert Melrose’s small town community photographs) plus an anthology of earlier writings.

 Yvonne Todd was born in 1973 in Takapuna, Auckland. She studied professional photography at Unitec in the mid-1990s and completed her BFA at Elam School of Fine Arts in 2001. 

Her final-year submission at Elam, Asthma & Eczema, won her the inaugural Walters Prize in 2002, catapulting her to national recognition. Awarding the prize, judge Harald Szeemann said Todd’s was ‘the work that irritated me the most’.  In 2004, writer Anthony Byrt described her as ‘the best artist of her generation’. 

Todd, on the other hand, calls herself a ‘lazy perfectionist’. Her work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions, nationally and internationally, including Mixed-Up Childhood (2005), High Tide (2006), the 2006 Busan Biennale, Unnerved (2010), the 2010 Sydney Biennale and 2014  Edinburgh Festival. It is held in many significant Australasian public museum collections.
Todd is represented by Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland; Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington.


All eyes on...

The austrian - up and coming interior designer - says
"giving objects surrounding me the esprit and charme and the looks they are lacking"

Krenn Studied "Sculpting" at the University of applied arts in Vienna. After he finished his studies he took part in several national but also international exhibitions in Portugal and the Czech Republic.

Specially his piece "MMK Fermoir" which can be used as single couch-chair or as several elements combined to a full sitting area cam to my attention some time ago.

Seeing objects in a non-traditional way and finding new interpretations for their use but specially creating new possibilities for their outer appearance so the observer is reminded that there are other views on elements we are so used to looking the same way since they were invented.

"The longing for change is my study companion" - Krenn says and that is why i am sure we will see much more intelligent and intriguing designs by this stellar young man.


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