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All eyes on... Especes.Especes

The fruit of an ongoing dialogue between artist Sébastien Lacomblez (✝ Sébastien Rien 2008 – 2014) and jewellery designer Marie Artamonoff, Espèces is an engaging reflection on life, death and timelessness.
 Referencing the tribalism and intimate nature of jewels, Espèces wishes to reconcile the dead and the living, transcending the usual failure of binary views.

Envisaged as the architecture of living forms, animal bones are a starting point for the Belgian creative duo, willing to return to the essence of life. 

Bones are, by definition, a fundamental part of our being, as they provide the necessary structure for organs. They are, in fact, the truth within, the ultimate foundation one goes back to in order to reconnect with one’s nature.

A visible demonstration of what lies within, Espèces reveals the intricacy and delicate aspects of bones, without removing any of their mystery. Turning them into desirable and aesthetically pleasing objects, bones become unique artifacts, which challenge key notions of time and mortality

The relationship between jewellery and individual is an intense one, expressed in the direct contact between silver and skin. 

Why was i drawn and fascinated by ESPECES.ESPECES? because i LOVE big jewellery that looks fragile but isnt.

At first i though "really nice but im sure the elements are tiny and break when they fall down and everything is so fragile." 

but this pic from their exhibition during paris fashionweek at the TRANOI proved me wrong and makes me want to have ALL of the pieces!!

The pieces are made in Brussels. Several items are limited editions, made in 25, 50 or 100 units. Conceived as a permanent line -which will be updated every six months- Espèces is keen on experimenting with new techniques and materials, taking the line into unknown directions. The memory of passing time and former lives defines Espèces, without any nostalgia. With this debut collection, Sébastien Lacomblez and Marie Artamonoff make a strong and inspiring statement, avoiding superficial readings of jewellery and celebrating traces of life.


All eyes on... Isabella Blow

Isabella Blow was born on November 19th, 1958 in London, England.  Her family came from an aristocratic background and she was one of 4 children in the household. Sadly, her younger brother drowned at the age of 2 in the family’s pool, and in her early teens, upon her parents divorce, her mother left the family. These two holes in her family quilt were tremendous sources of pain for the young Isabella, further aggreviated by the inheretance of a mere £5,000 from her father’s estate. The daughters were sent to boarding school until at 18, she found a home in a  London squat house and began working in various odd jobs, in a bakery, as a cleaner…


…but destiny would have bigger plans for Isabella. After being accepted at Columbia University, Isabella moved from London to New York City in 1979 to study Ancient Chinese Art. She would only see one year of college, and after a brief stint working with Guy Laroche, the stars would align which would bring her into the acquaintance, and soon the assistance, of Vogue’s fashion director, Anna Wintour in 1981 (who called her Dizzy Issie quickly deposited her as the assistant to André Leon Talley.) She incited a kind of excitement at Vogue with her inspired costumes and antics, one of which was using Chanel perfume and Perrier to clean her desk. She also befriended the art stars of the New York scene, most notably Andy Warhol and Basquiat. The same year she would marry her first of two husbands in a union that would last 2 years.
“Isabella was this amazing bright light in a world of increasingly corporate culture.”
-Anna Wintour
“She was aristocratic, in the old bohemian sense of anything is possible, yet she could talk about fashion with complete rigor in terms of silhouette, shape and historical context. She was an academic with a punk rocker’s anarchic sense.”
-Geordie Grieg of Tatler Magazine

’”It was like magic everywhere- they were like muffins popping out of toasters. I said, ‘I really want to keep an eye on you this year, I really want to make sure that you’re well and you’re healthy.’ They were popping all over the place.”
-Isabella on Philip Treacy to The Observer
In 1992, Issy would provide the same housing and encouragement for a recent graduate at Central St. Martins: Alexander McQueen. She purchased his entire graduate collection for £5,000, moving him into her home on Elizabeth Street, and paying him in weekly installments of £100 each. The descriptions of their relationship are that of a mother and son in a sense, both full of worship and love, and also of expectation, frustration, and disappointment. McQueen’s star rose quickly, and while he designed for Givenchy and sold McQueen to Gucci in a deal brokered by Isabella, she expressed sadness over not being given a concrete position within the companies.

Still, Isabella established herself irreplacebly as a stylist, editor, and spotter of unknown talent. She appeared dramatically at fashion week, notoriously late and changing 6 or more times in a day. Her candid and poetic dictions of style and genuine appreciation of craft left an enormous impact on those around her as well as the world of fashion itself, which experienced a dull and dismal wane into minimalism in the 90′s. While externally, Isabella experienced a world of lavish pleasure, internally she struggled with a severe depression. 

She also agonized over a fear of not having the financial security she deserved and that would support the lifestyle she felt comfortable in. Isabella suffered from the pervasive depression which had followed her all her life. She and her husband tried to conceive a child, but it was to no avail. Affairs drove her and her husband apart for a time, though they did manage to come back together again. 

Unfortunately, Isabella found she had ovarian cancer not long thereafter. She was in and out of treatment for over a year trying to get her mental and physical health in shape. The Daily Mail stated in May of 2007 that “Those close to her said she was determined to go out in as extravagant a manner as she had lived.” After several attempted suicide attempts, Isabella did take her own life at the age of 48 by ingesting poison. Her legacy, however, lives on in those she left behind, those talents she fostered, and the thousands of unmistakable pieces of inspired art she left behind for the world to continue to adore. We can only imagine what her wings look like…


Mark & Julia - ASWADIA - AW 14/15

Just like the previous collection - elements of different cultures where the main inspiration for this collection.
The north-african Berber people mixed with the MAORIS from new zealand left a signature mark on the pieces of the new collection ASWADIA for Autumn/Winter 2014/15.

Part of this years collection are Bodychains by HANNAH WAGNER and her Label CVD-Bodychains.
Last time in GOLD - this time in Silver with wooden elements. double love for that! 

Black is the (non)colour of the next season combined with hallucinogenic prints - this is ASWADIA - coming from the arabic word ASWAD meaning black or very dark.

"Aswadia puts together different influences and thoughts into one. Starting from the name of the collection and typical patterns rounding it up with Mark & Julia "classic" pieces." 
- Julia

"Aswadia has a lot of elements that are typical for the brand like clear patterns and my favourite non-colour BLACK." 
- Mark

Mark & Julia are aware of the importance of sustainability and so they assure their customers a FAIR production in a small intimate production in Budapest. Fabrics are bought in Europe (mainly Austria, Germany and France) making sure long transportation is avoided.



SO! this year i swear i'll be there! 
For the 11th time between the 23rd and 29th of may viennas shortfilm festival VIS will present exciting and new projections in cooperation with other filmfestivals such from Bristol or Riga - sounds promising don't you think?

Anyhow - Marky will be right there and get you all the details and insider information you need!

on the 26th of may VIS is presenting the price for the best MUSICVIDEO (for the 2nd time).

Who is Nominated??
14 austrian bands among them:

Naked Lunch
Ja, Panik
Austrian Apparel

I am SO looking forward to this festival specially because i was not able to attend it last year due to illness.


Marky in Barcelona - 2

Oh wow i didn't expect so many views for my Blogpost 
haha i forgort how much i love writing this blog.
So i check all my pics on my phone - not talking about the nudes here! - and found more footage on Barcelona. 

My Friend Andi lives there now and i still have a return flight booked on the 9th of June (My flight got canceled due to a strike and i booked a new one haha i really just wanted to leave town for a bit) - so i guess this means i have to go visit him again ;) Andi! hope your aparment is a bit bigger then 10qm cause im coming over hehe ;)

On my last day Guillem and me where thinking of what to do after we lay on the beach (again ;) ) for 3 hours having a picknick - i really wanted to go into the water but it was simply to cold :(

stroling through the streets and looking at beautiful buildings (I'm really sorry but i had no idea Barcelona was that beautiful :3 ). 

We decided to walk through the district of Gracia and found this exhibition on Prêt-à-Porter in Barcelona from 1958 - 2008.

More than 300 garments are on display at Palau Robert for 10 months in the exhibition 'Barcelona Prêt-à-Porter, 1958-2008. Fifty Years of the Fashion Industry'.
Featuring material from the Antoni de Montpalau Textile Collection, a Sabadell-born initiative launched in 2004, the exhibition offers a glance back at the past 50 years of Catalan fashion.
During the exhibition's duration, the clothes on show will be changed twice, first in October 2013 and then again in January 2014.
(that is why i didn't really get why some of the clothes in the exhibition manual where not the same as the ones on presented).

i specially loved this one - it reminded me of a Kimono i have at home myself (see the picture below)



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