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MARK BAIGENT Kahānī Performance SS16 @ MOTTO Restaurant

Kahānī Performance SS16

Pictures by Angelika GoldmanEyewear provided by Andy Wolf Eyewear

Fethi, Luisa, Florian, Pandora, Clara, Kathi, Alex, May, Ilva and Adrian


Mark Baigent by Tina Herzl

I first met Tina for a job we did for an austrian magazine - i forgot which one - since then we rarely saw each other again but me for my side had a great time with her on set and so it was a no brainer to me when i was asked to shoot with her for a big commercial campaign i said yes.

In this one week we worked together everyday - ALL day.
Seldom did i encounter so much good energy and positivity from a person.
After a long day of work and a bottle of wine we decided to shoot ME for a change ;)

Helmut Maier gave me a new look and i must say i feel fuckin hot ;)
Look up your sons moms here i come ;)



I'm packing my bags....

.... and decided to leave Vienna and Europe for a bit.

Well because i have longed to travel again since my last big trip to the USA in 2009.
And now the time has come to really say my goodbyes for a time, i am 24 years old. Single, successful and stunning - i want more from live! ;)

 I love my life in vienna! and i really like Europe but i have to say since about one year or so i have been putting up with a lot of negativity and political injustice. I can't understand how people can lead actually nice lives here and have everything and still complain about so much.

Also i am really struggling to understand how immigrants who come to Austria are getting treated. I would say i am a sensitive person and i can only take that much - and now it is so much.

So i saved up some money and i will go on a longer trip. not knowing exactly when i will return.
i need a break, new inspiration and i need new people in my life.

Excitement and a little bit of fear is what i feel when i think about the trip ahead of me.
Where will i go?




you check the hashtag


and from Bali on i don't really know actually :)
Be sure to follow the Blog though because i will keep a little diary on what i am doing, who i met and everything else that is going on.

In case you want to snatch some really nice pieces of my former collections, they will be up for SALE from the 12th on at my Studio!
you are VERY welcome to come and join!!!
up to -80%

also my studio colleague FERRARI ZÖCHLING will be selling samples as well!

Can't wait for CHANGE!!!! 



Sad tourist

There is a new shimmer on the milkyway of electronic music here in Vienna.
They are called "Sad tourist".

I fell in love with what i heard and find it quite annoying that there is only one track on their soundcloud ;)
(this was a hint guys).

Debating with Tobi (Hottest Band Member) about what genre their music would be.
He questioned why it has to be any genre at all!
I think we settled somewhere between melodious electro pop and tuneful dance music - no we do not know exactly what that means.
I just know that i have been looping their track "A Rush In Reverse" at my studio since about one hour - I WANT MORE!



Great Artwork by

Luna Ghisetti

Das Gasthaus mit dem großen...Herz. Zu Gast bei Stefanie Herkner.

Nach 4 Versuchen - über ein halbes Jahr verteilt - nahm ich am 22.04.2015 um 14:33 mein Handy in die Hand und wählte die Nummer von Stefanie Herkner.

"Stefanie! HEUTE ist es soweit! Heute komme ich sofort um 17 Uhr zu dir!"

- "Ach nein! mein lieber ich bin erst um 19 Uhr da"

"Gut dann um 19 Uhr!!"

Und um punkt 19 Uhr stand ich vor der heiligen Eingangstür des Gasthauses "
Stefanie Herkner".

Meine liebe Freundin Stefanie die sich vor mehr als zwei Jahren getraut hat den Schritt in die Selbstständigkeit zu machen betreibt mit vollem Einsatz und mit viel Liebe ihr Lokal and der Wiedner Haupstraße im 4. wiener Gemeindebezirk.

Nicht einmal eine volle Minute im Haus, schon höre ich Stefanies wunderbare Stimme  

"Mami ?! Maaamiiee! kommst du mal bitte da stimmt etwas nicht..."

Ein Grinsen zeichnet sich auf meinem Gesicht ab das größer wurde als ein netter Matrosenbube mich nach meinem Befinden fragt.

Und schon düst die Wirtin aus der Küche - lange Zeit wars her als Stefanie und ich die Nacht zum Tag gemacht haben.
Keinen Tag ist sie (und ich haha) gealtert!

(ein bisschen Honig muss sein ;) )

Während meinem KÖSTLICHEN Drei-Gänge-Menü wird Sinniert über die Tage - oder eher Nächte - des wilden Tanzes und der unzähligen Gin-tonics die bei unseren Festen geflossen sind.

Stefanie Herkner ist ein Wiener Original und ein wunderbarer Mensch obendrein und dieses Wesen merkt man sofort wenn man ihr einladendes Gasthaus betritt.

Wiedner Hauptstraße 36
1040 - Wien

"...das Gasthaus "Zum Herkner" meines Vaters in Dornbach war mehr eine Institution als ein Restaurant. Journalisten, Künstler und die wiener Hautevolee kamen dort zusammen um sich auszutauschen oder eben "nur" um gut zu Speisen..."

In diese Fußstapfen möchte Stefanie nicht nur treten sondern in meinen Augen ist sie das schon.
Speziell die Qualität ihrer Produkte liegt ihr am Herzen.
Den Bärlauch für meine Bärlauchknödel habe sie selbst noch gepflückt!
Weiters bestimmt die Herknerin selbst woher die Ware kommt und achtet auch dabei auf Qualität und Lokalität der Produkte.

Das einzige Importierte Produkt sei echtes Nugat aus Belgien.

Es sei ihr verziehen denn diese Nachspeise war solch ein Genuss das ich ganz vergessen habe ein Foto zu machen - das muss Völlerei sein :) 

- Bärlauchknödel mit Butter und Parmesan.

- Spargelsuppe (ohne creme) nach original Rezept der Oma.

Stefanie Herkner & Ich 



CROSSING EUROPE remains true to its program this year and relies on the attractiveness of European auteur cinema

Daring to focus the contents of an entire festival on Europe without turning a blind eye to socio-political imbalances or social wounds has paid off. In addition, the festival in 2015 again strives to present young filmmakers from Europe to a wider public in Austria and to award prizes to the young directors. 

From 23 to 28 AprilCROSSING EUROPE will present about 160 outstanding hand-picked feature films, documentaries and short films from all over Europe – a lot of premieres as well as internationally awarded films which will be shown for the first time in Austria. 

The festival invites numerous highlights from the past festival season (from A-Festivals in Berlin, Cannes, Locarno, Venice, Karlovy Vary, Warsaw or San Sebastían) as well as high-quality local filmmaking. 

CROSSING EUROPE, the second-largest international film festival in Austria, also concentrates on films from so-called "low capacity countries", i.e. countries with a smaller and underdeveloped film industry, and productions that find no room in the regular cinema business far too often and despite international festival success.

In the official program, international festival guests and the local cinema audience can look forward to a total of 160 selected feature films, documentaries, and short films from 45different countries – including 109 premieres (42 world premieres, 4 international premieres and 65 Austrian premieres). The festival year 2015, the twelfth festival edition, comprises a total of 180 program places.


Gruber geht.

John Gruber is in his mid-thirties.
He lives a fast, pricey, and egocentric life in the finest district of Vienna.

Businesstrips to Switzerland and  hook-ups with the hottest women in town ,just to forget their names the next morning, is his daily life.
If there was an Award for being Anti-family/social/assholy, Jonny Gruber would probably win every category.

Unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer, he is thrown off track; also by the involuntary bearer of the news: Sarah, a DJ from Berlin, who is actually not really his type and he got to know on a businesstrip as a ONS.
But it will no longer be a short encounter - their paths will cross more often then they thought.

Normally Gruber has no need for emotions – but suddenly, without being asked, they pop out of the sealed coffins he strained them to.

I had the pleasure of seeing this motion picture by Marie Kreutzer at the DIAGONALE 2015 in Graz.
I have to be honest that did not expect something only nearly that well put together.

Starting from the costume design by Monika Buttinger to capturing the current look and feel of the "Wianer Oaschloch" (Viennese Asshole) and not the least because Bob Dylan has always been close to my heart.

After the screening Kreutzer said she thinks that she is sometimes like Jonny in the movie and that is the reason he is the main character she can identify with.
I would also say everyone has a jonny inside somewhere.

A very moving Film about and 
a comedic odyssey of self-discovery based on Doris Knecht’s successful novel “Gruber is leaving”
published by Rowohlt Berlin Verlag. 




"Welcome to Manhattan...
welcome to my place"

Mark Reay introduced the documentary about his life with these first two sentences. He's sitting on the top of the house he lives in or actually... on.

Mark works as streestyle and fashion photographer in New York City one of the biggest Fashion-capitals in the world.
He works with Agencies like Wilhelmina Models or IMG Models, is invited to hip parties and fancy cocktails.

A Suit and button down shirt are his daily attire.
There is only one thing which does not fit the fashionable perfect picture - Mark is Homeless.

Mark lives on the Rooftops of New York buildings.

Mark looks stunning (52 years old) for his age.
He has a very lively personality and his social skills are a perfect tool to get along with - and needed - to be able to work in an industry like fashion.

He shoots for Magazines like ELLE Korea and DAZED AND CONFUSED.

I kinda thought that his documentary by Thomas Wirthensohn will show how this industry literally does not pay one dollar to photographers and models and is exploitative to the people working for them in the "first world" as to the people making the actual garments in the "third".
And at first it really does give this kind of impression and i - being a fashion designer myself - was regretting getting a ticket for this film.

I was very happy when i was shown otherwise.

The picture is about a person who used to work as model in the 80s. Kinda still wanting and trying hard to make it big as an actor and takes test photo shoots for "new faces" (young Models) which he claims to also be obsessed with.

But while the movie unrolls and you "get to know" Mark more i aksed myself if there is a bigger picture behind what he clearly is acting and telling the audiance.
Does he have a problem he is not willing to admit?
Can't he handle authorities?
Why is a very good looking man who has a model agency in New York and Munich and has fixed costs a month of 1 200 $ on the street and homeless?

Sorry but i can not buy what he is selling.

Wirthensohn shows a grand Portrait of a shattered dream .


ImageTanz Festival 2015

"Imagetanz festival" presents radical and playful performances of local but als international artists which often premiere their work for the first time here in vienna.

For more then 20 years this unique festival provides artists with a public platform to present their work.
This years festival host BRUT is proud to announce six coproductions, amoung them five of local austrian artists, and five guest performances among them three austrian premieres!

For the first time this year the festival invited students from the university of fine arts to show their work during infront of a public audience.

Here are some Performances we think you should not miss ;)


After their absurdly humorous appearance at the 2013 imagetanz festival with their furniture assembly act Never Name the Shelf, Sööt/Zeyringer once again invite the audience to discover their unique and minimalist performance cosmos. 

In lonely lonely, they investigate the tension between desired and undesired loneliness, the need for human warmth and the simultaneous need for privacy. Using dry humour, subtle irony and cardboard boxes, the two performers create a rhythmic-choreographic dialogue on being lonesome and being together, while in the midst of minimalist and accurate execution, moments of surprise and poetry flare up.

The artist duo Tiina Sööt and Dorothea Zeyringer deals with performance at the intersection of visual arts and dance. In their works, the two artists try to find beauty, poetry, wit and absurdity in every-day objects, acts and language. 

Brut Künstlerhaus Karlsplatz 5

13th of March14th of March

for the Facebook Event click HERE

Concept Sööt/Zeyringer 

Performance Tiina Sööt, Dorothea Zeyringer 

Dramaturgical consultation Anat Stainberg, Andrea Salzmann 

Light design Andrea Salzmann 
Costume design Laia Fabre 
Sound Masha Dabelka 
Production assistant Anna Spanlang

In the Cold Light of Darkness Something's Gonna Die a.k.a. Ugly piece of Shit
Milan Loviska

In the Cold Light of Darkness Something’s Gonna Die is an unsettling dream and the Viennese axe massacre in 17 minutes. Milan Loviška has his audience trembling with dread and fear and evokes anxiety and tension without a narrative. 

In a sheer tour de force, he interweaves horror film effects, occultism, sexually charged fantasies, surrealism and deep disturbance with the archetypical horror film characters of the serial killer or psychopath. Without spilling a single drop of (fake) blood, Milan Loviška makes the audience’s blood to freeze when he conjures up a latent visceral fantasy about removal of repression and expansion of the frontiers of reality.
Slovakian artist Milan Loviška lives in Vienna and works in the fields of dance and performance. 

He studied contemporary dance and psychology in Prague and Amsterdam and received the danceWEB scholarship of the ImPulsTanz festival in 2011. 
Milan Loviška devises his own projects in collaboration with his long-standing partner in crime, Otto Krause, and he also works with artists such as Jérôme Bel, Doris Uhlich and Deborah Hazler.
Brut Künstlerhaus Karlsplatz 5

Tuesday 10th of March
Wednesday 11th of March

For the Facebook Event click HERE

Concept and performance Milan Loviška 
Music Jakub Królikowski 
Costume design and outside eye Otto Krause 

Ingri Fiksdal / Signe Becker (Oslo)

“An intense and out-of-the-ordinary experience – HOODS communicates with the audience in a way I’ve never experienced before. It avoids representation and creates in collaboration with the audience a collective ceremony where you emotionally fluctuate between fascination, unease and harmony.” Ragni Vik Johnsen, Radio Nova (Oslo)

In the twilight zone between performance and installation, HOODS manifests itself as a meeting in a secret and so-far unknown universe, in which the boundaries between performer and spectator, choreography and scenography become blurred. 

In their performance Night Tripper, which took place in the summer of 2012 as part of the brut festival Up to Nature in the Vienna Woods, Ingri Fiksdal and Signe Becker already proved they have a feel for atmospheric situations and suspenseful settings beyond the traditional stage. Their new piece HOODS tackles the phenomenon of the “uncanny valley”, feelings of revulsion or unease people experience when confronted with figures that look almost human, but are inanimate. 

The audience is invited to move about freely in a performative space of moving bodies, light and sound and discover the dark corners of an atmospheric-psychedelic landscape. HOODS plays with the boundaries between the human and the non-human and disorients the senses. The performance thus unfolds to become a collective ceremony, in which the spectators experience their environment and bodies in an extraordinarily intensive way.
Ingri Fiksdal’s works largely focus on perception and affectivity, e.g. of bodies and body shapes. 

The audience is always integrated in the action to create temporary constellations and alliances between performers and spectators. Signe Becker is a freelance stage designer and visual artist. Her works include designs for classical theatre and dance productions as well as her own creations, such as installations and videos. For HOODS, the two artists received the award of the Norwegian Critics’ Association. 

for the Facebook Event click HERE

Brut Künstlerhaus Karlsplatz 5

20th of March
21st of March

Choreography Ingri Midgard Fiksdal 
Stage design Signe Becker 
Music Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due 
Light design Tilo Hahn 
Performers Ingeleiv Berstad, Kristin Helgebostad, Pernille Holden, Irene Theisen, Eivind Seljeseth 
Costume design Signe Becker, Anette Nan Lindrupsen 
Tour management/distribution Nicole Schuchardt


Simon Mayer
“This is a man we should keep in mind!” Die Presse

"SONS OF SISSY" is not part of the Festival but SIMON MAYER launched his first work at BRUT WIEN before a sold out audience - we are VERY much looking forward to his new piece!

After Falter magazine listed Simon Mayer’s solo performance SunBengSitting in its end-of-the-year review as one of the top theatre productions of 2014, describing it as an “ingenious, nakedly yodelling interplay of folk and contemporary dance”, Simon Mayer is now back on the brut stage with his new group performance Sons of Sissy

In the focus is that universe of traditions, folk dances and folk music from which the Upper Austrian country lad Simon Mayer originates. In an experimental manner, four performers and musicians make use of traditional alpine live music, various group dances and ritualised practices. 

Liberating them from conservativism and conventions, they establish an unseen fusion of artistic re-interpretations and temporary social attributions of meaning. Defying categorisation and pigeonholing, the Sons of Sissy do everything they can to live up to their name as they conduct themselves as part weird folk-music quartet, part experimentally playful ritual dance combo, using humour to radically disrupt the hackneyed male role models in old traditions.
Simon Mayer works as a performance artist, choreographer and musician and is one of the artistic directors of the Spiel art festival on the organic farm Schlossergütl in Upper Austria. Most recently, he toured numerous venues in Europe with his piece SunBengSitting

Brut Künstlerhaus Karlsplatz 5

9th of April
12th of April

For the Facebook Event click HERE

Idea, choreography, performance, music Simon Mayer 
Performance, music Matteo Haitzmann, Patric Redl, Manuel Wagner 
Special instruments Hans Tschiritsch
Stage and costume design Andrea Simeon 
Light Martin Walitza 
Sound Rene Ringo Grömer 
Artistic consultant Frans Poelstra 
Production Sophie Schmeiser, Elisabeth Hirner


All eyes on ...

... Chiu-Pi.

Musician, Writer, Director, Photographer, Performance Artist.

Visit his:




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