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B I T C H E S ! Listen up!

★★★ Vienna's 1st VOGUING-BALL und PARTY at REIGEN★★★


★★★ ★★★ ★★★

The categories are:

/// /// /// Runway /// /// ///
"Not so bieder, Meier!"
Show us your interpretation of being not so “bieder” (plain/conservative)! Your creative reference is the Biedermeier era (if you don't know what it is, do your research). Think crinolines, walking canes, corsets, flower prints, top hats, poke bonnets etc. The era is also known for its characteristic style of furniture and architecture. Present your outfit on the catwalk with style and grace, dahling!

++ ++ RunwayJudges ++ ++
++ Monika Milan (House Of Milan)
++ Sirius (Vienna's Disco/House Music Legend & Mother of Vienna's First House in the 1990's)
++ Ilija (fashion designer Vienna)

/// /// /// Vogue Performance – OTA (Open To All) /// /// ///

"Panic! at the Opernball"
Choose one –
You are an invited celebrity guest at the prestigious Vienna Opera Ball. Be ready to floor the paparazzi with your glamorous evening attire: gowns, tuxedos, big hair, fancy shoes, diamonds... take luxury and elegance to a new level.

Alternatively, you come as one of the protesters of the “Opernballdemo” (anti-Opera ball demo) to take a stance against the opulence. Think Punk realness, urban wear, organic cotton,knitted sweaters and scarfs, colorful hair, batik prints etc.
Find a way to express yourself and your costume of choice by using all the Five Elements of Voguing: Hand Performance, Catwalk, Duckwalk, Spins & Dips, Floor Performance.

++ Judge: Monika Milan ( House of Milan) ++
++ Music: INGRID ++
++ Host: La Draganda ++
++ Commentator: PLENVM ++

info & registration:
★★★ ★★★ ★★★

★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Der Abend > PENZING STARS AT THE MOVIES< & >PENZING IS BURNING< ist eine Veranstaltung des Penzinger Kulturverein (, kuratiert von Kollektiv AV und durchgeführt in Zusammenarbeit mit
Voguinginvienna - Vienna's Community for Voguing and Ballroom Culture, Underground House Music Culture.
★★★ ★★★ ★★★

BALMAIN 4 H&M - We dislike...

...this is the 8th time a high-end brand is teaming up with the giant swedish apparel producer H&M.

There was a time when i myself went out to the pre-shoppings and did the standing in lines for the (one has to admit) better designed pieces which used to be exclusive to the chain.

I some of pieces from the Margiela, Marni and Stella Mccartney collection, they are hanging in my wardrobe and since about one and a half years now i simply can not wear them anymore.

What changed?

My mindset and the way i consume changed. Since over two years i have not purchased anything from H & M.
Which is a bit easier for me to do because i am able to make my own clothes.
But that fact a side i also know that conscious and selected consummation of clothing is always better then a buy-throw-out concept.

So BALMAIN is cooperating with H&M for the next capsule collection.
I want to talk about why i think it sucks.

I have friends who buy actual Balmain from their stores.
They are appalled that some of the pieces look so much like the real thing they purchased for a LOT of money.
Just imagine that you meet someone with the same dress you have on the street.
But the difference is that they paid only 100€ instead of 1000€ for it (and the fact that theirs is mass produced under horrible circumstances). Wouldn't you feel a bit stupid?

This was also the case with the Margiela collection.

Big Brands like Balmain have a responsibility to the industry if they want to or not.

With cooperations like these they encourage people to continue to consume cheap clothing and support the waste culture which we have been practicing since years.

We can see the consequences of these behavior already
Please click this Links HERE for more information.

So why does Balmain do this?
Well as often the reason is clear. Money and Fame.

And from a insider friend who works in the company i know that Balmain Sales have been going down the last years and the company is not happy with their image - also doe to the fact that Kim Kardashian and Kanye have in some way become the unwanted face of the brand.

Quote by the Telepgraph:

A Brand that teams up with H&M in this scale is often - and i know this is not really understandable - in financial distress or in need of publicity.

2004 - Karl Lagerfeld:
It is hard to believe that a Designer like Karl is in financial distress - because he's not. But his own named Brand is not Chanel. And is not anywhere near to get to the same level.

2005 - Stella Mccartney:
at that point the only question to as was "Who is Stella Mccartney" ?

Margiela + Marni + Victor&Rolf:

-2002 Diesel becomes majority shareholder of Maison Margiela
-2008 Diesel becomes majority shareholder of Victor&Rolf (two years after H&M cooperation)
-2012 Diesel becomes majority shareholder of Marni (same year as the H&M cooperation)

These Brands belong to the OTB group.

A Company owned by Renzo  Rosso the Co-founder of DIESEL
So isn't it obvious that all three of these brands make a collection for H&M ?

One does not want to read the Wikipedia entry of the OTB group because it basically a charity read.
They invest 90% of their funds in south Africa. Justifying that they support people there with jobs.
We all know what we produce in countries like Aftrica or Asia.

At the price of a pair of Marc Jacobs Pants (OTB is also producing for Marc Jacobs mens since 2008) for instance there is absolutely NO reason not to produce in Italy where OTB is based.
One can argue as much as one wants to but it comes down to money.

This Information should only help to see the whole picture behind this great and glamourous fashionworld which is a Business like any other and like any other business.
Capitalism is what runs it.

and with this gross Quote by Olivier Rousteing i will leave you to it.

"I’m an H&M boy, I’m the H&M generation," says 29-year-old Rousteing


Adele. I wanna punch you.

So 2009 the british singer and songwriter Adele decided to produce an album which remembered everyone who ever got heartbroken by someone how bitter sweet it felt. It was the most played song of the year and radio stations went bazooonga for it.
No one was safe. Nowhere.
I even heard "Don't you remember" in the toilet of a gas station outside of Prag once.

Adele is great at putting the post-heartbreak feelings you have when a deep relationship ends into words like no other artist i have ever heard in her genre.

Four years after her groundbreaking Album, Adele examines the past and tries to make a mens. On the surface, this is about a breakup from long ago, but the song can also be interpreted as Adele's attempt at reconciliation from her former self.

When i heard her song "Someone like you" for the first time i had a big personal crisis myself and well.. lets say i have a love-hate relationship to her Album "21"

Put all the aspects of Adele being fabulous and a incredible singer i really felt like punching her in the face when i tuned into youtube to listen to her newest single.
I was curious to see what she would do after the hole "my love life sucked phase" - but hey! i forgot that this is a topic one can draw from for...uhm... EVER.

We all had shit to deal with in our lives. 
We all had this one person who almost killed us.
I've lost one Jeans size and got a new Haircut.
Thank you that i don't feel good about this anymore -.-

Your new Song "Hello" is a slap in the face for everyone who thought to be over that one big break.

What i want to say is that Adele is amazingly talented and has a gift.
But if your heartbroken or still in your post-relationship-mortem phase then please do not listen to her Album or her new single (below). 
It will guarantee tears. 
Keep chocolate and booze near.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins received 86 Awards from the 168 nominations. 
Among them are 4 Brit Awards, one Academy Award, one Golden Globe Award, 10 Grammy Awards and 4 American Music Awards.

With her new Single "Hello" Adele does not make the impression that this streak will be over soon.
We love you Adele but we do want to punch you.

Hello, it's me
I was wondering if after all these years
You'd like to meet, to go over
They say that time's supposed to heal ya
But I ain't done much healing

Hello, can you hear me?
I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be
When we were younger and free
I've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet

There's such a difference between us
And a million miles

Hello from the other side
I must've called a thousand times to tell you
I'm sorry, for everything that I've done
But when I call you never seem to be home

Hello from the outside
At least I can say that I've tried to tell you
I'm sorry, for breaking your heart
But it don't matter, it clearly doesn't tear you apart anymore

Hello, how are you?
It's so typical of me to talk about myself
I'm sorry, I hope that you're well
Did you ever make it out of that town
Where nothing ever happened?

It's no secret
That the both of us are running out of time

Director: Xavier Dolan
Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes
Producer: Nancy Grant/Xavier Dolan
Cinematographer: André Turpin
Production design : Colombe Raby
Editor: Xavier Dolan
Adele's lover : Tristan Wilds



Alex Stoddard is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. 

He was born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in Georgia, where he discovered a love for photography at an early age. He creates dark, narrative portraiture that thrives on the fantastical and the fragility of the human experience.
The morbid touch of his work is what caught my attention right a way. Since seven years working in the fashion business i have come across many photographers but i can tell you this guy is up for something big!

here are some selected works of him which i personally find very appealing.


Viennale 2015

its this time of year again!
Vienna turns into a huge screen for national and international projections!

Every now and again, time plays a special role. Today, as we hold this press conference for the Viennale 2015, the city is facing a crucial election. We announce a festival that will begin once this election is decided. Without being overdramatic, it feels a bit as if we were in an interim time, in a transitory state. This situation also reflects how important it is to defend a cause and a form at any time. Or, as a wise man once said: “to let neither the power of others, nor our own powerlessness, stupefy us.” Or as another one sang, “The Time is Always now.”

As the innovations we introduced last year have proven to be successful (the extension of the festival by one day and adding the new Eric Pleskow cinema hall in the Metro Kinokulturhaus as a venue), we have decided to stick to these changes. Moreover, the festival will take place in familiar fashion in the long-established cinemas in Vienna’s first district and the festival center, located in the former Austrian federal post office headquarters. Indeed, it is a distinctive feature and partly contributes to the Viennale’s special character to have the wonderful option – compared to many other international film festivals – of presenting our program in a number of selected single-auditorium cinemas in the heart of the city

MARK BAIGENT Kahānī Performance SS16 @ MOTTO Restaurant

Kahānī Performance SS16

Pictures by Angelika GoldmanEyewear provided by Andy Wolf Eyewear

Fethi, Luisa, Florian, Pandora, Clara, Kathi, Alex, May, Ilva and Adrian


Mark Baigent by Tina Herzl

I first met Tina for a job we did for an austrian magazine - i forgot which one - since then we rarely saw each other again but me for my side had a great time with her on set and so it was a no brainer to me when i was asked to shoot with her for a big commercial campaign i said yes.

In this one week we worked together everyday - ALL day.
Seldom did i encounter so much good energy and positivity from a person.
After a long day of work and a bottle of wine we decided to shoot ME for a change ;)

Helmut Maier gave me a new look and i must say i feel fuckin hot ;)
Look up your sons moms here i come ;)



I'm packing my bags....

.... and decided to leave Vienna and Europe for a bit.

Well because i have longed to travel again since my last big trip to the USA in 2009.
And now the time has come to really say my goodbyes for a time, i am 24 years old. Single, successful and stunning - i want more from live! ;)

 I love my life in vienna! and i really like Europe but i have to say since about one year or so i have been putting up with a lot of negativity and political injustice. I can't understand how people can lead actually nice lives here and have everything and still complain about so much.

Also i am really struggling to understand how immigrants who come to Austria are getting treated. I would say i am a sensitive person and i can only take that much - and now it is so much.

So i saved up some money and i will go on a longer trip. not knowing exactly when i will return.
i need a break, new inspiration and i need new people in my life.

Excitement and a little bit of fear is what i feel when i think about the trip ahead of me.
Where will i go?




you check the hashtag


and from Bali on i don't really know actually :)
Be sure to follow the Blog though because i will keep a little diary on what i am doing, who i met and everything else that is going on.

In case you want to snatch some really nice pieces of my former collections, they will be up for SALE from the 12th on at my Studio!
you are VERY welcome to come and join!!!
up to -80%

also my studio colleague FERRARI ZÖCHLING will be selling samples as well!

Can't wait for CHANGE!!!! 



Sad tourist

There is a new shimmer on the milkyway of electronic music here in Vienna.
They are called "Sad tourist".

I fell in love with what i heard and find it quite annoying that there is only one track on their soundcloud ;)
(this was a hint guys).

Debating with Tobi (Hottest Band Member) about what genre their music would be.
He questioned why it has to be any genre at all!
I think we settled somewhere between melodious electro pop and tuneful dance music - no we do not know exactly what that means.
I just know that i have been looping their track "A Rush In Reverse" at my studio since about one hour - I WANT MORE!



Great Artwork by

Luna Ghisetti

Das Gasthaus mit dem großen...Herz. Zu Gast bei Stefanie Herkner.

Nach 4 Versuchen - über ein halbes Jahr verteilt - nahm ich am 22.04.2015 um 14:33 mein Handy in die Hand und wählte die Nummer von Stefanie Herkner.

"Stefanie! HEUTE ist es soweit! Heute komme ich sofort um 17 Uhr zu dir!"

- "Ach nein! mein lieber ich bin erst um 19 Uhr da"

"Gut dann um 19 Uhr!!"

Und um punkt 19 Uhr stand ich vor der heiligen Eingangstür des Gasthauses "
Stefanie Herkner".

Meine liebe Freundin Stefanie die sich vor mehr als zwei Jahren getraut hat den Schritt in die Selbstständigkeit zu machen betreibt mit vollem Einsatz und mit viel Liebe ihr Lokal and der Wiedner Haupstraße im 4. wiener Gemeindebezirk.

Nicht einmal eine volle Minute im Haus, schon höre ich Stefanies wunderbare Stimme  

"Mami ?! Maaamiiee! kommst du mal bitte da stimmt etwas nicht..."

Ein Grinsen zeichnet sich auf meinem Gesicht ab das größer wurde als ein netter Matrosenbube mich nach meinem Befinden fragt.

Und schon düst die Wirtin aus der Küche - lange Zeit wars her als Stefanie und ich die Nacht zum Tag gemacht haben.
Keinen Tag ist sie (und ich haha) gealtert!

(ein bisschen Honig muss sein ;) )

Während meinem KÖSTLICHEN Drei-Gänge-Menü wird Sinniert über die Tage - oder eher Nächte - des wilden Tanzes und der unzähligen Gin-tonics die bei unseren Festen geflossen sind.

Stefanie Herkner ist ein Wiener Original und ein wunderbarer Mensch obendrein und dieses Wesen merkt man sofort wenn man ihr einladendes Gasthaus betritt.

Wiedner Hauptstraße 36
1040 - Wien

"...das Gasthaus "Zum Herkner" meines Vaters in Dornbach war mehr eine Institution als ein Restaurant. Journalisten, Künstler und die wiener Hautevolee kamen dort zusammen um sich auszutauschen oder eben "nur" um gut zu Speisen..."

In diese Fußstapfen möchte Stefanie nicht nur treten sondern in meinen Augen ist sie das schon.
Speziell die Qualität ihrer Produkte liegt ihr am Herzen.
Den Bärlauch für meine Bärlauchknödel habe sie selbst noch gepflückt!
Weiters bestimmt die Herknerin selbst woher die Ware kommt und achtet auch dabei auf Qualität und Lokalität der Produkte.

Das einzige Importierte Produkt sei echtes Nugat aus Belgien.

Es sei ihr verziehen denn diese Nachspeise war solch ein Genuss das ich ganz vergessen habe ein Foto zu machen - das muss Völlerei sein :) 

- Bärlauchknödel mit Butter und Parmesan.

- Spargelsuppe (ohne creme) nach original Rezept der Oma.

Stefanie Herkner & Ich 


© 2012.